Project Engineering

Project Overview

To finish a project or to get intermediate information, most of the available information can be collected for a Project Overview (Picture 24). It contains bill of material information, summed up and also split up for the single fields in connection with statistical data to give also specific information.

Picture 24 – Post Coordinate List

Bill of Materials

The database holds all components and information necessary for the actual mounting structure. The database can handle complex component lists and assemblies, through which all material can be managed, accessed, and printed. Reports can be documented and printed for specific substructures, independent parts, or for the entire overview of all project relevant information. 
With respect to the specific substructure of a mounting system, just the whole assembly or its parts with additional parameters can be printed.

Automated Hydraulic Ram Machine

When defining post positions in ground mounted racking systems the coordinates of the post locations can be exported as GPS coordinates. These can be directly loaded to a computer controlled hydraulic ram machine (Picture 26). Nasku GmbH has developed a control system for GAYK Hydraulic Rams, that can read this coordinate list (Picture 25). With a GPS reference station this system can drive the ram to the predefined ramming positions with an accurracy of a fraction of an inch. The list contains post identifier (yellow), the top coordinate of the post (green), the orientation of the post in gon (blue) and the coordinate on the soil where the post penetrates. With these two coordinates the controller software can calculate the height of the post above ground.

Picture 25 – Post Coordinate List

Picture 26 – Automated Hydraulic Ram Machine

With this feature HELIOS 3D transfers the layout with unprecedented accuracy to the terrain. The other positive aspect is, that there is no need for additional land survey to measure the coordinates for construction points for racks and rows. This results in cost and time savings. This fact also insures that there are no „human errors“ involved by transfering the always changing row distances from plan to reality.


Assuming good weather and terrain conditions two men are able to drive about 450 posts within 10 hours with such a specialized machine.

Project Engineering