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We create a convincing and photo-realistic presentation of your Helios 3D solar park planning.

Do you need a visualization of your planned photovoltaic system? Would you like to illustrate how effective a planted privacy screen works?
For this we only need the Helios 3D project file. Of course we can also take care of the table occupancy. In consultation with you, we can then specify vegetation, camera positions or a desired camera path, for example. Crossfades are also possible, which can make different situations at important points in the area more understandable. We obtain the digital terrain model from the geoportal of the respective country with a grid accurate to 1 meter. These also provide high-resolution orthophotos that increase the degree of realism of the visualization.

On request, we can also expand important areas with additional objects so that the presentation is even more convincing.

One of the most important reasons for a visualization is, for example, to illustrate the hedge planting around the solar park. With a crossfade effect, you can demonstrate the parking delimitation with and without planting in the video.

Shadow studies can also be shown in the animation by using correct sunlight simulation and taking geoposition into account.

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Several variants of a table occupancy are often considered. Then many things in the environment change. Fences, privacy screens and vegetation are then adapted to the respective situation. Using the layer technique, you can then switch back and forth between the different table assignments.

A screen transfer can take place via Microsoft Teams at any time. So there is always the possibility to discuss the current project status or to define important details (e.g. camera positions) in the software together.
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A red numbered marker is inserted on the digital terrain model for each individual camera position. This then shows the position in the overview and also the viewing direction. If desired, further pictures then show exactly this camera with and without privacy protection.

Some Examples

Current projects of the Möhring Energie Group

The video will automatically start in silent mode. You can turn on the music using the speaker icon in the lower corner.

Example Energy Park Visualisation

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